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How to visualize on the golf course
Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

How to Use Visualization to Play Better Golf

Not too long ago, using visualization on the golf course was a new-age tactic. 

With Phil Mickelson’s win in the 2021 PGA Championship, the benefits of visualization are in the spotlight. 

There are a couple of different ways to use visualization in golf. In this episode, I share them with you along with best practices.  If this is new to you, show you how to get started and build your skill. 

I also discuss two amazing studies that prove the power of visualization. With consistency, you can literally re-wire your brain.

In addition, I add a few tactics that I encourage my clients to try to help them quiet their mind on the golf course. 

Start using visualization on and off the golf course to reach your goals quicker and reduce fear and anxiety.

Watch below.

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