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Scarcity Thoughts
Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Scarcity Thoughts That Keep You Stuck in Golf

If you find yourself struggling to breakthrough to the next level with your golf, this podcast is going to help.

You can be stuck breaking a certain score, 90, 80, 70. 

You can be stuck making putts, or hitting fairways, or bunker shots.

This can often happen from scarcity thoughts. These are thoughts that you think are facts.

You state them like you state the weather or the news.

They may sound like:

“I only make 3 or 4 birdies a round.”

“I can’t put two good rounds together.”

“I can’t put two good nines together.”

“I usually have at least one bad hole a round.”

“I don’t hit enough greens.”

“I don’t hit it far enough.”

These thoughts feel very true but they limit you and your growth in the game. They keep you stuck right where you are.

In this episode, I share with you some insight on scarcity, how else it might show up in your life  and how you can shift these thoughts  so that you can reach that next level with your golf.


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