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I LOVE SanSoleil Shirts!

I am starting a new monthly post on thing’s that I LOVE and use when I play and practice golf. I want to share with you clothes, gadgets, accessories and anything that I use when I am on the course that I just love!

And…if you have followed my posts, watched my videos or purchased one of my online courses, you have noticed that I wear a lot of long sleeve shirts. I get asked about my shirts all the time – mostly folks wondering why I wear them in hot weather!

Well, the month of May happens to be Skin Cancer Awareness month and I thought this would be a perfect time to share with you one of things that I love…

SanSoleil…Sun Care You Can Wear

Watch the video below to learn more:

Discover for yourself why I love these shirts at SanSoleil.com

When you check out, be sure to use use Discount Code: LuvKathy 

May 1 is Melanoma Monday

Sadly, a few years ago my mother was diagnosed with advanced melanoma. As you can imagine it was a scary time for us as her prognosis was bleak. After some rough surgeries and rehab, I am happy to say that she is remarkably in remission.

To me, this is the amazing part of the story…my mom’s melanoma grew from a mole that never saw the sun. In fact, she rarely went in the sun over the last few decades.

May 1st is Melanoma Monday…this is a reminder to check your skin, check your kids and check your partner. #SpotSkinCancer

The five-year survival rate for melanoma when detected and treated in its early stages is 98%.

You can discover more about early detection and skin cancer at:





Short Game Scorecard

Track your shots close to the green

Download it Here!