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Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Take Your Range Swing to the Course

Why Can’t You Take Those Range Shots to the Course?

If you hit it great on the range but can’t take it to the golf course, you have a thought error (or two). A thought error is a thought that doesn’t serve you. Think about it…you hit consistent bunker shots on the range and then skull and fat shots on the course. What changed? The result, of course, but also your swing. Why does your range swing change on the golf course? Because you are tense, nervous, anxious…pick one that fits. You ALWAY generate those feelings from a specific thought or series of thoughts What exactly are you thinking about on the course? “I am going to miss this” “I better not skull it” “I haven’t hit a good bunker shot in 3 weeks’ “I stink in the bunker” “This could be embarrassing if I miss” Are you thinking those in the practice bunker? Probably not. On the range, you relax. You swing better. It is key to be on to your mental chatter and understand that your thoughts are optional. You get to pick them. Why pick ones that create a tense swing? Find the thought that serves you on the range. Commit to it on the course. No matter what. Rehearse this every time you play. You got this.

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