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Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Quitting Golf

Have you ever wanted to quit golf?

You are not alone my friend!

Even Tour Players think about quitting after a bad round. (I have heard this with my own ears!)

In reality, you take a couple of days off and the game pulls you back in.

But I get it, quitting sounds like a good alternative. 

If you are stuck or frustrated, ask yourself, “what is my next best move?”

Try something different.

Did you know that 409 cleaning spray is called 409 because that is the number of times it took to get the formula just right?

I just learned this little fact.

409 tries

408 fails!

Most people would quit before that.

Some quit at #10,

Some at #210 and

Some at #408.

Right before success.

Don’t make failing mean anything other than learning, gathering data, adjusting and being one step closer to your goal.

  • 5126 times James Dyson prototypes failed before a successful vacuum
  • 1009 times Colonel Sanders  was turned down selling his recipe
  • 300 times the founder of Pandora was rejected for funding.

How many times are you willing to try?

True failing only happens when you quit.


The Best Golf Lesson

If you are a serious golfer and miss that feeling of walking off 18 green with a sense of confidence and satisfaction about your performance than you and I need to have a talk.  This could be the best golf lesson you ever had and you don’t have to hit a golf ball. 

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