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Golf Disappointment

Let’s talk about expectations.

One of the main reasons you get frustrated or disappointed on the golf course is because you have unmet expectations.

Simply put you think you should be playing better than you are.

What are your expectations?

How many fairways and greens do you think you should hit?

How many ups and downs should you have?

How many, five footers do you think you should make?

And in most cases, your expectations exceed reality. So let’s put things into the correct context.

Let’s be a bit of a scientist.
You have a pool of talent at this given moment in time, and it can change for the better or worse. But right now you have data on each club in your bag. If you went to the range of the putting green and you hit 10. Balls with each club to a certain target, target and counted. How many greens you hit or drives that landed between two flags. You would have a percentage, same thing with putts. You hit five out of 10 drives in between the two flags that represents the width of a fairway.
Then your stat is that you hit 50% of fairways in a relaxed and pretty calm environment.
Which means if you can keep swinging, calm and relaxed on the course, you should hit seven out of the 14 fairways, given that there are four par threes. Which also means you should miss seven fairways, but so many golfers go on the golf course and expect not to miss any fairways or pots or wedges.
These expectations, exceed reality, which is the recipe for frustration and disappointment. I encourage you to collect your data, find your percentages, compare it to your expectations. Putting this in check can really help you manage your frustrations about yourself and your golf game. 

All right, you got this.

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