Golf Pressure

Golf pressure often happens when we focus on our results or score. It shows up as tension and lack of focus which prevents us from making our best swings. 

In the video below, I give you some different tactics to reduce pressure so that you can play more to your potential.


So why is pressure a problem? Well, every emotion we have shows up in our body. 

And we, as golfers are trying to move our body in a fluid and consistent manner. Most golfers preferred to feel calm or relaxed over the ball. Because when we’re in this state, we can focus, make good decisions and move our body freely. 

Most golfers when they feel pressure, squeeze harder, swing, faster, lose focus. Their tempo gets messed up. They may not turn because they are tighter. The list is long and varies from player to player. 

You definitely want to be aware when you are feeling pressure. Often golfers think that certain situations create the pressure hitting fairways or greens or making putts, but this is not the case. And when you think it is outside circumstances that create pressure or stress, you give away so much of your power to create something different for yourself. It is always the words that you’re saying in that moment and most of the time pressure comes from saying. 

“I have to”, “I need to” or “I should”.

For instance, “I need to hit more greens.” 

“I have to make this putt.”

 “I should get up and down.” 

“I have to score well today.” 

“I need to make some birdies coming in.” 

These phrases create pressure. Technically, you don’t have to do anything or need to do…You want to. 

But what shot in golf do we not want to hit well? Saying to yourself that you have to do something creates the stress or pressure. 

It is always self-induced. 

To start understanding truly why you feel so much pressure over certain shots, be on the lookout for the key phrases have to, need to, or should. 

Most likely pressure and tension are sure to follow. 

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