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My name is Kathy Hart Wood

I help golfers end
the frustration of

The problem isn’t your game.


The problem is your brain won’t let you access your game when it matters.

You have the skill but can’t get out of your own way.

So you practice harder searching for a solution.

But the answer is NOT to master your swing so you can find confidence.

The answer is to master your brain so you can succeed with your swing.

I show you how to do exactly that in the Play To Your Potential Program,

The program is the key to walking off the course proud of how you played and is only attainable 

through my Master Your Golf Brain system


Golf plays a major role in your life

You’re an avid golfer, but you can’t seem to take your talent to the course. 

You’re a high-achiever who is smart and successful but this game crushes your confidence and self-worth. 

You do well on the range so it’s not your swing.
On the course you’re a different person. 

There you have fears, anxiety, and pressure that paralyze your access to all your talent.

It’s frustrating. 

Then after a bad round that beat down you give yourself and feeling of disappointment makes the game no fun. 

And it might even affect your life away from the course. 

You feel like something is wrong with you, like you’re a basket case. 

All you want, is to show up as the player you know you are and play golf with a sense of calm and confidence. 

I get it. I can help.

Better than "Mental Game"

The reason you are not performing like you know you can, is more than just “mental game tactics.”  

I have a unique approach and system to not only get you to play to your potential but to also enjoy the time you spend on the course. 

You’ll be wondering why no one showed you this before. 
You’ll have a sense of hope about what is actually possible for you and the game of golf.

Who is this for?

If you have a brain, you can benefit from working on it. 

It does not matter your handicap or your age.

If golf plays a big role in your life and you are frustrated or embarrassed about your game, it is worth your time.

If your golf performance impacts areas of your life off of the course, it is worth it.

And, if you are a serious golfer and your life off of the course is impacting your game, it is definitely worth it.

What clients have to say...

If golf is a big part of your life and you don’t like the way you feel on the course or after a round, you want to watch this mini-course.

I’ll teach you the real reasons you don’t feel good about your golf and none of them have to deal with your golf swing.

Get started with this short mini-course.

4 Reasons You Feel Bad
About Your Golf

A mini-course on how to feel better and play better

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