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no negative thoughts allowed
Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Negative Thoughts in Golf

One of the major challenges in golf is managing your thoughts. 

Negative thoughts easily creep into a typical round of golf. 

You get a bad bounce, have to hit over water, miss a putt and the brain starts to chatter.

Those thoughts are either going to help you play better or not.

The better you get at managing your thoughts the more often your true talent shows up on the golf course.

But, it takes awareness and practice.

First, you want to listen to what you are saying to yourself.

It is easy to do when the thoughts are loud and repetitive. 

The subtle thoughts that linger in the background are the ones that are really worth exploring. 

Then it takes PRACTICE rehearsing better and more effective thoughts.

On certain shots, however, those negative thoughts and brain chatter just won’t quiet down. It may sound like,

“You have to hit this fairway. There is water on the left. You hit a hook on the last drive. You don’t want to hit a hook here. You need to hit the fairway. Aim left and hit a cut….no don’t do that. Just play your hook. Don’t hit it in the water though.

You likely can relate to something similar.


When your brain just wants to chat about all the things that can go wrong, I have an effective little tactic that I call “crowding out”.

It enables you to quiet the noise and stay present on the shot at hand.

You can learn more about it in the video below.




In a nutshell, I help people get out of their own damn way so they can go after and get the things they truly want.

Whether in the golf or in life, I believe how you do one thing you do everything.

And, sometimes your golf struggles have nothing at all to do with golf. 

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