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Take Your Range Swing to the Course

The problem isn’t your game.


The problem is your brain won’t let you access your game when it matters.

You have the skill but can’t get out of your own way.

So you practice harder searching for a solution.

But the answer is NOT to master your swing so you can find confidence.

The answer is to master your brain so you can succeed with your swing.

I show you how to do exactly that in the Play to Your Potential Program.

The program is the key to walking off the course proud of how you played and is only attainable 

through the Master Your Golf Brain system

You’re an avid golfer, but you can’t seem to take it to the course. You do well on the range so it’s not your swing.  On the course you’re a different person. There you have fears, anxiety, and pressure that paralyze your access to all your talent. It’s frustrating.

Then after a bad round that beat down you give yourself and feeling of disappointment makes the game no fun. 

You feel like something is wrong with you, like you’re a basket case.

You’re a high-achiever who is smart and successful but this game seems to crush your confidence and self-worth.

All you want is to use all of your talent and play golf with a sense of calm and confidence. 

I get it. I can help.

There is a program designed for you below.

There Is A Solution Designed For You

Personal Coaching

When golf is a major part of your life and you aren't playing like you know you can and you aren't enjoying the game like you know you should, personal coaching is a powerful option for you to find success in both areas

Mental Groove Workshop Series

Each month join a LIVE workshop on different topics designed to help you play better and enjoy the game more.
I help you perform better without
watching you hit one golf ball.

Hi there.
I'm Kathy Hart Wood

I have spent my whole golf career trying to excel in competition. But as a former tour professional, underperforming cost me lots of money. I knew I had the talent, I just struggled to cut through my own mental BS. I was frustrated and discouraged as my confidence ebbed and flowed with my score. I was smart, talented, and a hard worker but I couldn’t consistently take my skill to the course. I lacked the insight and mental approach I needed to unleash all of my talent. Sound familiar?

This Is Different

I have a unique approach. I not only teach you tools and tactics to help you take your talent to the course but I show you how to manage your thoughts and emotions.

 Your ability to perform on the course is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts. 

With that skill you discover how to create the results you want.  It is a skill that up levels every area of your life.

You’ll be wondering why no one ever taught you this before.

You Become a Golfer Who:

  • Knows exactly how to build and maintain confidence regardless of how you are striking the ball
  • Gets past negative emotions before the next shot
  • Has a plan for mental hurdles before they come up
  • Has your own back every step of the way
  • Knows how to self-coach for optimal performance before, during and after a round
  • Is aware of how you get in your own way and takes action BEFORE it  affects your performance
  • Doesn’t let other people or outside circumstances affect your round.
  • Has a strong self-image and self-worth
  • Enjoys the game more and is proud of how you show up on the course.
  • Has a personal BLUEPRINT for stepping into your best player

Here are what clients have to say...

Play To Your Potential
in 90 Days

Golf is 90% mental and yet you spend 100%
of your time and money on that other 10% with more lessons, more equipment and more practice.

It’s time to change that. How you manage your brain on the course either prevents or allows you to use your skills. 

And sometimes all it takes is one little shift, one new way of thinking to change everything for the better.

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