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You have the skill. I help you perform.

Underperforming is frustrating. 

You have the skill but it doesn’t show up on the course.

You think there is something wrong with you.

You think maybe you weren’t born with what it takes to compete. 

But I have amazing news…you are not broken. 

You were taught plenty of mechanics. 

You never were taught The BLUEPRINT for performing.


The BLUEPRINT is my program that reveals what keeps you from excelling and then teaches you how to get the most out of your skill. 

It's the Range for your Brain

If you have a brain, you can work on your mental game. 

You spend all of your time on the practice range, short game area, putting green and then try to take it to the course and play a game that is mostly mental. 

If you can’t manage your mind, you won’t be able to take all that hard work to the course. It is time to spend some time on the range for your brain. Let me teach you The BLUEPRINT

Don't try to tell me that golf is not 99.9 percent mental

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Do you want to know if you need to spend some of your time on your mental game? It is simple. Take this 2 minute quiz and learn more.

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How Much is your mental Game affecting your Performance?

Take the 2 minute quiz and find out. 

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