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Annoying golfer pic
Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Golf with Annoying People

Ok…so let’s face it, there are people that you don’t like to play golf with. 

Difficult people…annoying people.

Maybe they talk too much, play too slowly, chew gum too loudly…and you get annoyed.

Playing golf annoyed is NOT how you perform your best.

Promise (but you probably know this).

This is the thing…you can’t change people, especially in the span of one round.

And if you ARE trying to change someone you aren’t focusing on your own golf.

What you end up doing is wanting your circumstance to change so you can feel better.

“If you stop talking, I will play better.”

“If you play faster, I will play better.”

“If you stop chewing gum, I can focus on my game.”

The problem is that you give away all your power to someone who annoys you.

Yea…I am gonna to say that accepting people fully is ideal BUT…in case you aren’t willing to explore all of that…I have a little tactic that is helpful.

Watch the video below




In a nutshell, I help people get out of their own damn way so they can go after and get the things they truly want.

Whether in the golf or in life, I believe how you do one thing you do everything.

And, sometimes your golf struggles have nothing at all to do with golf. 

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