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Anger on the golf course
Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

How to Control Your Anger on the Golf Course

No doubt, golf can be a frustrating game.  There is nothing wrong with being angry until it affects your next shot or next few holes.  You want to learn how to control your anger on the golf course so that you perform your best.

You may at time feel out of control when it comes to your temper. Different situations might affect you one day but not the next. 

Sometimes you get mad early on the front nine and others times you loss it on the back nine.

. I have heard it described that there are stages to anger : 

  • The Build Up
  • The Spark
  • The Explosion
  • The Aftermath

This is very useful in golf as many times you feel like there is that 1 moment where you snap.  In reality you had opportunities to notice it building and prevent stage 4.

In this week’s episode, I share 4 action steps you can take to control your anger on the golf course.

You can listen to the FULL episode HERE. 


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