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Thank You!

Thank you for purchasing a gift certificate to the Master Your Golf Brain program.
Some lucky person is about to receive the gift of Calm, Certain and Confident on the course (and off!)
Since this is access to a virtual platform, the recipient’s email is required to register along with a password. Once registered, he or she will receive an alert via an email.
If you intend to give this as a holiday gift and want to keep it a surprise, have the recipient follow the directions on the gift certificate.
To validate and register, he or she will need either your name or your email address that you used to purchase this certificate.
If you have any questions or any issues please email or send a note through Instagram at KathyHartWood.
The gift certificate is available for you to download in an email order receipt or you can download by clicking the button below as well.

Also, I encourage your recipient to activate soon after the holiday so they do not miss out on the extra bonuses I have for members in the winter of 2022.

It's not about your talent,
it's about why you aren't using it.

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