The best work is done in the OFF SEASON

The time to get powerful mental work done is BEFORE the season.

Join this Mental Bootcamp starting January 2022 and set yourself up for your best season yet.

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The Problem

You don’t take all of your skill to the course, it’s mental and it’s frustrating


You may sabotage your round, make “stupid” mistakes, let bad shots turn into bad holes, struggle with negative thoughts, lack confidence, focus on results.

The Solution

Discover the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are keeping you from making your best swings and enjoying the game.
Learn how to create a blueprint for picking the most powerful thoughts, dealing with the golf emotions as they arise and taking your best swings on the course.

This I can guarantee…

The answer to your problem is not at the bottom of a basket of range balls

This is the Range for your Brain

100% Online

Access replays, downloads and support material on your schedule.

Live Stream Classes

Watch and listen to the weekly live call. Ask questions, jump on for coaching or stay anonymous.

On-Demand Videos

Gain access to the self-paced program, Master Your Golf Brain.

Weekly Work

This is not a sit and listen bootcamp. You have a brain to train and it requires consistent work.

The Benefits of Off Season Work

Managing your thoughts and emotions is not a quick fix. It is a skill that takes practice. Spend the OFF SEASON learning and rehearsing so you are ready when it is time to tee up in that first event.

Build Confidence

Most golfers' confidence ebbs and flows with how they hit the ball.  Self-confidence is a skill that you want to learn and build. You get confidence-building tools to practice all week.

Personal Blueprint

Develop a personal BLUEPRINT to create the results you want with your golf game. This includes up-leveling your thinking and fine-tuning your mental preparations for each round. Here you learn how to step into the player you want to be, on purpose.

Feel in

When you don't know how to manage your brain on the course, it can feel like you have lost control. Discover why you aren't performing your best and how to regain control of your golf game and your golf brain.

Practice Tools and Tactics

You learn tools of tactics to use on the course to help you calm your nerves, stay focused and think clearly so that you can make your best swings. The time to practice them is in the off season so when you step on the course they come to you quickly and easily.

Golf is 90% Mental

The OFF Season is a mental bootcamp designed to prepare you for the upcoming golf season. You learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions around the game of golf. You discover tools and tactics to use on the course. You build your GOLF CONFIDENCE before season begins. And you don’t need to hit one golf ball in the process.

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Program Options for the Off Season


Online Program

If you are a self-starter and like to work through programs at your own pace, Master Your Golf Brain is for you. 


Live Coaching

Receive the Master Your Golf Brain Program plus join the LIVE weekly workshops to dive deeper with more content and ask questions.


The Foursome

Personal Coaching

 This is you and two golf friends for a more personalized mental bootcamp experience,  scheduling flexibility and individually catered content.


1:1 Coaching

This is one on one personalized coaching. You have schedule flexibility and customized weekly calls based on what is keeping you from playing to your potential.

Master Your Golf Brain

Self-Paced Program
$ 349
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Step by Step Process
  • Learn at Your Pace

The OFF Season

3 Month Group Mental Bootcamp
$ $679
  • Weekly Live Call
  • Workshop Format
  • Personal Q&A

The Foursome

3 Month Small Group Bootcamp
$ $980 per person
  • You and 2 friends
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Personalized Content


3 Month 1:1 Coaching
$ $2400
  • 12 Weekly Calls
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Personalized Content

Students Reviews


"Just had the best driver range session of my life. Amazing how changing the way you think about something can impact the outcome. Didn't think it would happen this fast 🤯"


"You have given me such an incredible new base of confidence. I used to have that nauseous feeling during these competitions like I wasn’t in control - I don’t feel that anymore- what happens happens and I can roll with it. Thanks so much"

This is the best golf lesson you never had

It doesn’t matter how good your swing is…if you can’t manage your thoughts and emotions, it will never have a chance of showing up.

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