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Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Good Decision Makers Have More Confidence

Golf is a Series of Decisions

Golf really is just a series of decisions that need to be made pretty quickly. One right after the other.

  • How to play the hole
  • What club to hit
  • How much wind is going to affect the shot
  • Which way the green breaks

If you are always second guessing yourself or relying on other people for input, you are doing so at the cost of your confidence.

Decision making is a muscle that you build. It moves you forward. It gives you confidence. It is time efficient.

It saves your brain energy to focus on other things.

When we indulge in confusion, doubt or indecision we stop our growth, our forward motion.

On the golf course, these emotions do NOT produce your best shots or your best rounds.

In day to day life, they leave us stuck.

As in golf and life, get REALLY good at making decisions.

Make decisions, no matter how small, on things that you can control.

All of your power in your life comes from a decision.

No one else has that power over you. 

YOU get to decide what to think.

YOU get to decide what you make things mean.

How do you do that? Just decide and move forward because at least you ARE moving.

And what if you make the wrong decision?

This is the fear that keeps us in indecision.

There is no wrong decision.

Learn and keep going.

When you get good at making decisions your confidence will soar


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Golf Confidence increases the more you trust yourself to follow through on your decisions.

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