Let’s Get Started

Lesson 6

Ok...not so bad right?

You want to continue to be curious throughout our time together.

I will ask you questions to make your brain work for answers, to show you your thinking and beliefs so that you can create what you want.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, you can email me, text me or use Voxer. 

You will have a scheduled time each week. Coaching is best on a weekly basis to continue the momentum and progress. 

I understand that life happens...for both of us.

There will be times that you or I may need to reschedule. 

This is not a problem and I will make every effort to find a convenient time for you.

To ensure this, I allocate an extra month at the end of our time together to makeup for any missed calls.

This is my promise to you: I will overdeliver and provide tons of value. 

I want YOU to get what you came for. 

To make sure that happens, ask questions, stay curious, and be willing to challenge yourself.

You will not always be comfortable. Changing habits and beliefs is not always a walk in the park. 

But you can do hard things and I am here to support you 100%.

Can't wait to get started.

See you on Zoom!


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