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It's not about your talent.

It's about why you're not using it.

My name is Kathy Hart
I'm a life coach for serious golfers.

Why is your foot on the brake?

I compare it to driving a Ferrari with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. I really don’t know much about cars but I know that driving with a foot on each pedal in a car with that much potential is not good. And it doesn’t feel good.

This is the thing, you know you can go. You know you can play or perform but something is in the way of using everything you have “under the hood.” 

I help you take your foot off the brake. 

So you work harder

This is the routine.

You struggle.

You practice more, take more lessons, try a new teacher or buy new equipment.

This seems like the logical thing. But you still don’t perform like you know you can and it’s frustrating especially when you know you have the talent and the work ethic. 

You have tried all the mental tricks and advice from the experts. 

And you still know you can do more.

This isn't about the "mental game"

What I offer is different

I don’t think there is a “mental game”. Say what?

And I have worked with sports psychologists and mental game experts. I respect what they do. 

What I offer is different. 

What you need to do to perform on the golf course, media event or speaking engagement is no different than what you need to thrive in life. 

There is no secret mental game to learn. 

If you don’t have the awareness and skills to manage what is going on in your everyday life, you put your foot on the brake of your game (Ferrari).

Performing is just the use of those skills in a more intense or faster environment. 

I teach you the blueprint to manage all of it. 

How you do one thing you do everything.

Relationships, parents, coaches, money, health, or work all affect your ability to perform. You can’t wait for them ALL to be amazing. And you can’t ignore them. 

It doesn’t all have to be outside influences. You may struggle in your everyday life with perfectionism, expectations, self-worth, self-confidence, anxiety, fear of failure, fear of success, indecisiveness…

These affect your performance. And this is the thing, you might feel like it is only an issue for you on the golf course or only an issue off the golf course but “how you do one thing you do everything.’ 

This is why my coaching is different. Once you start to shift one area of your life everything gets better and your foot comes off the brake


You have the skill. Now let's take it to your stage.


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