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Tips to Think Above Par

First Tee Jitters

First tee jitter are pretty much inevitable if you play golf.  Most people are going to have first tee jitters at some point. It really is just

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Quitting Golf

Have you ever wanted to quit golf? You are not alone my friend! Even Tour Players think about quitting after a bad round. (I have

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Meet Kathy

I spent decades competing and not bringing my best golf to the course. I knew I could play better and was extremely disappointed when I didn’t. Over the course of my career, I worked with the top professionals in the industry for swing mechanics and sports psychology and I discovered there is a huge void. There is a bigger element.

I figured out what was holding me back and it wasn’t my talent. It was how I managed my mind on and off the course.  Now I coach people who know they hold themselves back…who have more in the tank and want to get more out of their game and their life.

I plan to offer some insights with you here on this page.

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