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Kathy Hart Wood

Kathy Hart Wood

Best Emotion For Golf

Calm. Confident. Certain.

For top golfers, these are the 3 preferred emotions on the course.

Playing golf in one of these states produces the most consistent and predictable performance.

AKA..You give yourself the best shot of playing well.

But most golfers think to get into these states (calm, certain, or confident) the stars have to align:

☀️perfect weather

👫 great playing partners

⛳️ ideal conditions

🏌🏻‍♀️swing feels “good”

…fast pace of play

“Then I can be calm on the course”

“Then I can be confident”

This, however, gives away your power.

Your emotions are then dependent on your circumstance or situation.

You are “at the affect” of the weather or group or conditions or pace of play.

Tiger Woods is said to give himself 30 seconds to be frustrated or mad and then he gets back into the emotion from which he performs best.

The number 1 mental skill to master on the golf course is emotional management.

The question for you:

How many swings do you make NOT calm. certain or confident?



In a nutshell, I help people get out of their own damn way so they can go after and get the things they truly want.

Whether in the golf or in life, I believe how you do one thing you do everything.

And, sometimes your golf struggles have nothing at all to do with golf. 

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