How would more Self-Confidence change your game?


“Confidence is king in golf”

…so says Jason Dufner and I totally agree. You hit it amazing on the practice area but without self-confidence you cannot consistently take it to the golf course. You think:

  • you choke
  • you’re a basket case
  • you can’t handle pressure

You feel like something is wrong with you. You’re frustrated and embarrassed. So you take more lessons, buy new clubs, hit more balls. But that doesn’t solve the problem. You still can’t take it to the golf course.

Self-confidence is a broad umbrella that covers most of the mental challenges you face on the golf course:

  • first-tee jitters
  • choking
  • fear of failure
  • self-doubt
  • indecision
  • perfectionism
  • pressure
  • embarrassment
  • uncontrolled emotions (anger, frustration, dejection, sadness)
  • self-pity
  • the yips

You can learn to manage all of this.

Self-Confidence doesn’t rely on how many practice balls you hit or how many lessons you took. You just need a few tools.

I can teach you how to create self-confidence…

And it’s a game changer

Watch the Video below:


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