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Tired of
on the golf course?

It really all boils down to managing your mind. Your thoughts and emotions are keeping your from taking all of your talent to the course. You may already know this but aren’t sure how to actually do it. Let me help you get started. I teach you a simple formula to manage your brain on the course in a short video you can access below.

Hi there.
I'm Kathy Hart Wood

The Golf Mentalist

I have spent my whole golf career trying to excel in competition. But as a former tour professional, underperforming cost me lots of money. I knew I had the talent, I just struggled to cut through my own mental BS.

I was frustrated and discouraged as my confidence ebbed and flowed with my score.

I was smart, talented, and a hard worker but I couldn’t consistently take my skill to the course.

I lacked the insight and mental approach I needed to unleash all of my talent.

Sound familiar?

No One Was Teaching This

It took me awhile to realize the answer to my problem was NOT at the bottom of a large basket of range balls.

There is more to it than mental game tactics or Trackman numbers.

And it’s not your golf swing.

It was so simple yet no one was teaching it.

It starts with a basic formula.

This formula explained so many things I was struggling with on the course.

I now coach competitive golfers and high-achievers how to unleash ALL of their talent. I show them how to get out of their own way and exactly where to focus and spend their valuable time. 

The Formula

An Introduction to the Formula

You want to understand why you feel out of control on the course, why you keep getting the same results, why you struggle with your emotions? Then you want to watch this video where I walk you through the formula and show you how to use it in your golf (and life). Enter your information below to gain access.

Here are what some clients have to say...

"Just wanted to thank you - you were in my head on the golf course today & it was much needed! Best day in a couple of years!"
Club Golfer
"I just want to let you know that I won first place today. I've been listening and re–listening to your videos. Everything I learned from you helped me the entire round."
Junior Golfer
"Made 100 feet of putts and was positive Strokes Gained putting for the first time ever. I was horrible off the tee, but it was by far the most fun I’ve had playing in a long time." 
Competitive Golfer

I help you perform better without
watching you hit one golf ball.

If you are tired of struggling and want to learn if this program is a good fit, click the below to find out.

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How Much is your mental Game affecting your Performance?

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