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If golf plays a big role in your life...

You're an avid golfer, but you can't seem to take
your talent to the course.

You're a high-achiever who is smart and successful but this game crushes your confidence and self-worth.

You do well on the range so it's not your swing.

On the course, you're a different person.

There you have fears, anxiety, and pressure that paralyze your access to all your talent.

It's frustrating.

Then after a bad round that beat down you give yourself and feeling of disappointment makes the game no fun.

And it might even affect your life away from the course.
You feel like something is wrong with you, like you're a basket case.

All you want, is to show up as the player you know you are and play golf with a sense of calm and confidence.

I get it. I can help.

My name is
Kathy Hart Wood

I am a former tour player, top teacher and certified life coach.

I help golfers, of all abilities, end the frustration of underperforming and I don't need to watch them hit one golf ball.
It's two simple steps
STEP ONE: Find the state where you can think clearly and make your best physical swings at this moment in time - this is usually calm, certain or confident
STEP TWO: Hit as many shots from that state as possible
The work, and how I help people,
is figuring out why the heck you can't do that.
And all it takes is a process that when you learn it not
only changes your golf experience but
levels up every area of your life.
I'd love to share it with you

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If you are considering private coaching, I encourage you to first set-up an introductory call. You share what is going on with you and your golf, I'll share how I can help or offer other resources. Then, we can decide together if coaching is a good fit for you. The call is totally free and a great way to get an idea of what working with me is like.

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