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Play to Your Potential

The best work is done in the OFF Season.

Two options below to strengthen your mental skills 

and prepare for 2022 golf season.

The Off Season Mental Bootcamp

LIVE Workshop Series
Your best work is done in the off season. This bootcamp includes a series of three workshops to teach you the skills to master your golf brain and play to your potential. Click below to learn more.

New Client Coaching

This package is only available until 12/31/21. Save a spot in the 2022 calendar with a flexible coaching package to use through the 2 bonuses. Learn more by clicking the link below.

Is This You?

You’re a good golfer, but you can’t seem to take it to the course. You do well on the range so it’s not your swing.  On the course you’re a different person. There you have fears, anxiety, and pressure that paralyze your access to all your talent. It’s frustrating.

Then after a bad round that beat down you give yourself and feeling of disappointment makes the game no fun. 

You feel like something is wrong with you, like you’re a basket case.

You’re a high-achiever who is smart and successful but this game seems to crush your confidence and self-worth.

All you want is to use all of your talent and play golf with a sense of calm and confidence. 

I get it. I can help.

I help you perform better without
watching you hit one golf ball.

Hi there.
I'm Kathy Hart Wood

I have spent my whole golf career trying to excel in competition. But as a former tour professional, underperforming cost me lots of money. I knew I had the talent, I just struggled to cut through my own mental BS. I was frustrated and discouraged as my confidence ebbed and flowed with my score. I was smart, talented, and a hard worker but I couldn’t consistently take my skill to the course. I lacked the insight and mental approach I needed to unleash all of my talent. Sound familiar?

This Is Different

I have a unique approach. I not only teach you tools and tactics to help you take your talent to the course but I show you how to manage your thoughts and emotions.

 Your ability to perform on the course is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts. 

With that skill you discover how to create the results you want.  It is a skill that up levels every area of your life.

You’ll be wondering why no one ever taught you this before.

Who You Become...

  • You gain confidence on and off the course.
  • You play with a new sense of certainty and calm.
  • You feel empowered to handle any situation.
  • You finally can take all of your skill to the course.
  • The game is fun again. Competition is fun again.
  • Other areas of your life improve (work, relationships, health).
  • You have a “bring it on” attitude.

Here are what clients have to say...

The Mental Game Fix

Golf is 90% mental and yet you spend 100%
of your time and money on that other 10% with more lessons, more equipment and more practice.

It’s time to change that and fix your mental game. 

You Ready to Get Started?


The Best Golf Lesson
You Never Had

If you are a serious golfer and miss that feeling of walking off 18 green with a sense of confidence and satisfaction about your performance then you and I need to have a talk.  This could be the best golf lesson you never had and you don’t have to hit a golf ball. 

Take The 2 minute Quiz

How Much is your mental Game affecting your Performance?

Take the 2 minute quiz and find out. 

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