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Is this your year for golf?  Are you finally going to learn to play? Figure out how to get out of the bunker? Join the Thursday group? Drop your handicap by a few strokes?

Over the next few posts, I will address a few common golf goals to see if I can help you get on track and playing better golf this year.

First…Let’s get you off the starting line and commit to learning this game.

And the big question is, where do you begin?

There are 3 things that you need to get started with golf: instruction, a facility, and equipment in that order too.

Good Instruction

If you want to get playing as soon as possible, you need good instruction. Golf is too complex to figure  out on your own. I know folks who have never had a lesson but it is a long arduous road. The riskiest part is that you likely will create some bad habits that are difficult to repair, produce ugly shots and lead to injury. You don’t want any part of that.

So find a good instructor in your area and invest in a few lessons. Beginner clinics are a great economic option over private instruction. You can search for LPGA (female) instructors in your area on the LPGA website or the PGA website (both male and female instructors).

Just a quick bit of advice: beware of the spouse, boyfriend, random dude instruction.

Golfers are notorious for unsolicited advice.

Most people who play golf believe they have an innate right to teach it.  Just because someone plays golf doesn’t mean they know how to teach it.

They will likely talk a language that will make your eyes glaze over and your head pound. Then they will ask you to re-create the latest move that they saw on the golf channel or read in a magazine…all with good intentions.

You need to learn how to properly hold the club, stand over the ball, and make contact with it. Small successes lead to bigger successes so start small. As you get more comfortable gradually make bigger swings.

Think of golf as a Thanksgiving meal. If you try to eat the whole turkey in one sitting you will get sick and may never eat turkey again. Start small…give yourself time to digest it and then go for some more. It is easy to get golf information overload especially from someone who is really excited that you are finally giving golf a try.

A Facility

You need a place to practice, a driving range and a place to play, a golf course. Basically, you have two options: private or public.

Golf Courses:

Private golf courses are not open to the public. You will need to be a member or a guest of a member to use the facilities. If you are serious about golf and this is in your budget you may want to start looking around now. Prices vary from a few thousand dollars to the 6 figure, “repeat that please”  amount.  Keep in mind, just because the club is private doesn’t mean that you cannot take lessons with one of the pros. And…if you already belong to a private club, then your excuse list just got much shorter!

Public golf courses exist in most communities and are great places to get your feet wet. Your town or county might have a golf course with a reduced rate for residents.  Going in off-peak hours reduces the cost even more.

Driving Range:

Before you even step foot on a golf course, you need to practice. And the place to practice is a driving range.  These can be stand alone public facilities or part of a golf course. Nearly all private golf courses have a practice facility. Ideally you want to find a facility that has a practice green and short game area so that you can learn all the shots.


You do not need to buy a set of golf clubs before you learn the game  In fact, I discourage it unless you have money to burn.  Before you run out to the local golf store and lay down a wad of cash, make sure you even like the game first!

Your instructor can provide something for to use during your lesson and most golf courses provide rental clubs for you to use for the day.

If you like the game and want to purchase equipment, there are plenty of options for you and for your budget. New clubs are expensive but don’t let the cost of equipment deter you from learning the game.
If you want to know more you can download my Beginner’s Guide to Buying Golf Equipment.

Click Here for Guide

Golf takes time to learn so if you are on the fence jump off and get started now. There are so many benefits to being in the golf world that you will not regret taking the leap.  If you go in with the right attitude and understand that you will have good shots and bad shots, good days and bad days, the journey will be much more enjoyable.

Hope to see you on the golf course.

Keep it Simple and Have Fun!



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